1. Mutifuctional LED Flashlight w/ Work Light Emergency Red Light Magnetic Bottom to Stick to Any Metal Surface Waterproof[70041]

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     MF-20027-11 this led magnetic based work light is compact also useful. Total 7 LED straw hat lampsin the head which will offer a bright light for normal usage. If you check the malfunction car’s components then you press the switch twice. What’s more the red light can easily catch people’s attentions and give them a warning properly. A magnet stashed in the tail can easily absorbed on the sheet metal and your car


    - Super bright LED flashlight with 26 LED Lights in The barrel uses 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
    3 Light modes: Bright Flashlight > 18 White LED Work Lights in Barrel > 8 Flashing LED Red Lights in Barrel!
    High powered magnet bottom sticks to any metal surface like the side of your car or boat motor!
    Made of superior quality military grade aluminum ruberized griplast!

    Material: Aluminum alloye
    Color: Black/Silver
    Bulb type: 7+26 LED
    Waterproof: IP65
    Battery type: 3xAAA (not included)
    Max output: 13000mcd
    Run time: 2.5hrs
    Product size: 250*40mm
    Net weight: 197g
    Approval: CERoHS

    Packing list
    1 x Mutifuctional LED Flashlight with Work Light and Emergency Red Light


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