1. Diamond Shape Ultra Dazzling Cycling Bike Waterproof Rechargeable Tail Safety Light with 8-LED + 2-Laser - 4 Colors[63333]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    This rechargeable diamond ultra dazzling bicycle laser tail light features with 8LED and 2 laser cycling bike waterproof rear Lamps. It can increase the visibility at night or in bad weather for safer riding. High quality fashion design and practical usage act now!


    * Brightly Model: 8 LED+2 Laser
    * Light Wavelength: 658nm
    * Power Source: 1450mAh rechargeable lithium battery capacity 1200mAh voltage 3.7V(included)
    * Color: white green blue and red
    * Size: 8.2 × 4.4 × 6.8cm

    * 1 × Tail light
    * 1 × Charging cable
    * 1 × Adapter(4.2V 500MA)
    * 1 × Holder




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