1. HIGHSTAR Blue LED Luminous Message Board Digital Alarm Clock with 4-Port USB Hub / Temperature / Calendar[39023]

    Price:  $14.52

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    The USB clock has temperature calendar and time displaying via lantern slide or switching mode. Leaving a message with fluorescence pen as well as it's convenient to wipe writings clearly with pen. Moreover clock with 4 USB ports for powr charging or data transmission.


    * Name of item:USB clock
    * New brand with quality
    * Color:White for item
    * Message board with blue fluorescence light
    * Leave a message with fluorescence pen(easy to wipe with pen)
    * Calendar time and temperature displaying via lantern slide or switching mode
    * Time mode of 12/24 format
    * Temperature displaying between centidegree and degree Fahrenheit
    * 3 Groups timing alarm
    * 16 world famous tunes
    * Calendar from 2000 to 2099
    * Clock with 4 USB ports for power charging or data transmission
    * Size:13.3x9.8cm(LxH)for message board 9.6x5.1x4.5cm(LxWxH)for base

    Package included
    1* USB clock
    1* Fluorescence pen
    1* User manual(In Chinese)


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