1. One Touch/3 Modes Waterproof Bicycle LED Flashlight Light of Silica Gel-Color random[17068]

    Price:  $1.83

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    This product is bicycle light features one touch and 3 modes such as fast strobe slow strob and light which are mutually changed easily.Be fir for bicycle mountaineering and outdoor activities etc.


    * Name ot item:Bicycle light
    * Color random
    * Easy operation
    * Bicycle accessory
    * 3 modes for light: Fast strob slow stron an light
    * Material:Silica gel
    * Waterproof design
    * One touch design for easy operation
    * Be fir for bicycle mountaineering and outdoor activities etc.
    * Light with durable stable use since high quality
    * Powered by 2xCR2032 batteries(included)
    * Size:4.5x3x3cm/1.77x1.18x1.18inch

    Package include:
    1* Bicycle light



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