1. Caution Light/ Taillight/ Silicagel Light/ LED Bicycle Light-Color Random[32571]

    Price:  $3.96

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 November, 2014.

    The product is LED bicycle light use silicagel material with cold and heat resistant feature fixed on the safe cap could be used as a caution light


    Product Feature:
    * Cold and heat resistant for silicagel it could be used no matter in  -40? or +220?

    * High elasticity waterproof silicagel in surface steady durable and strong extention  

    * Could be fixed on handgrip tube and cap and so on.

    * Fixed on safe cap could be used as caution headlight and tool to view map

    * One-Touch switch desgin easy for use

    * 4 kinds of switching mode: full light twinkle 1 twink 2 and turn off

    * Could be work continuous 35 hours under full light

    * Could be work continuous 160 hours under twinkle

    * Visibility up to 600 meter

    * Water-proof desgin

    Product Specification
    * Color: light blue transparent white olive green peach red black purple red white delivered for random

    * Qty: 1 pair

    * Material: high elasticity water-proof silicagel

    * Dimension: 4 cm × 3 cm × 3 cm

    * Weight: 22g

    * CR2032 battery x 2

    Note: please don't mix use the new and old battery


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