1. New Sense Flash Light LED Color Changing Flower Pattern Cover Case for iPhone 5-Black[34392]

    Price:  $3.93

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    This back cover case exclusively designed for iPhone 5. The plastic material is very durable. It will flash when calling or called. It can not only protect your phone from scratches dust and damage but also make your phone different from others'.


    * Name of Item: Phone Back Case
    * Exclusively designed for iPhone 5
    * Made of plastic material and light weight
    * Protect your phone free from scratches and damage
    * Easy to install and remove
    * Flash while calling or called
    * All iPhone buttons are easily accessible while resting in
    * LED light seven color alternative flash
    * Color: As shown in the picture
    * Size: Perfectly fit for iPhone 5


    Package Included:
    1 * Phone Case
    1 * CR2016 Lithium Battery




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