1. Stainless Steel Rhinestone Rhombus/Diamond Back Case Cover for iPhone 5-Red[35960]

    Price:   $3.31 $3.64

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    The back case with firm frame is fit for new iPhone 5 giving special and unique outlook for your phone. Case is used to protect your phone against scratches dustes damage etc. Protective case covered with rhinestones forming into diamond on the surface lets your new phone out of ordinary.


    * Name of item: Case
    * New brand with high quality
    * Color:As pictures shown
    * Be fit for new iPhone 5
    * Case with rhinestones forming into rhombus shape
    * Firm frame(stainless steel material)
    * Case with bright color
    * Give a special and unique outlook for your phone
    * Case to protect your tablet against scratches dustes damage etc
    * Easy to remove and install
    * Size:12.5x6x1cm
    * Weight:0.025kg

    Package included:
    1* Case


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