1. Wallet Pouch Denim PU Leather Protective Cover Case with Card Slot/Stand for iPad Mini[68853]

    Price:  $9.23

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    The item is special for iPad mini. Its denim style will win much attention. And it will give prominent and dual-side protection to your iPad against dust scratches etc. It can be used as not only a protective cover case but also a useful stand. It will be a great item for your beloved iPad mini.


    * Exclusively designed for iPad mini
    * Convenient and useful
    * Bright and fashionable denim style
    * Give dual-side protection to your iPad
    * With wallet for ID card bank cards and cash
    * Also can be used as a useful stand
    * With magnetic snap convenient to close and open
    * Material: PU leather
    * Color: As shown in the pictures

    Package includes:
    1* iPad mini cover case


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