1. Car Mount and Universal Charging for Smartphone iPhone [37138]

    Price:  $8.20

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    Car mount charger compatible with iPhone blackberry HTC samsung nokia motorola etc Non-flip feet keep your cellphone in holder steadily.


    * Compatible with iPhone samsung nokia HTC and more smartphones
    * Works in all cars easy to use
    * Adjustable rotation for 360 degrees
    * Adjustable holding height from 58 mm to 85 mm  adjust to any size of phones
    * USB car charger(5V1.5A) quick speed & high efficiency charging
    * High quality PC+ABS material
    * Non-flip feet keep your cellphone in holder steadily
    * A micro 5 pin USB cable include

    * In car holder and charger fpr smartphone
    * Flexible arm range from 58-85mm
    * Over current protection
    * Power supply: DC12-36V
    * Output current: DC5V 1.5A
    * Blue LED indicator

    Package include:
    * Car mount charging holder x 1
    * USB cable x 1


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