1. Radiation-proof 3.5mm Retro Phone Handset - Pink[23467]

    Price:   $11.26 $12.55

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 October, 2014.

    This product is retro phone handset which is compatible with all digital devices. It can reduce 96% radiation emitting from mobile phone which is good for your healthy life. You can easily check your phone book and also use other function when answering the call in a convenience way. Good for family use and also office use. Fully compatiable with iphone and other digital devices can control the volume of the mobile by press button.


    * Name of item:Retro phone handset  
    * Color:light red
    * Excellent quality and reasonable price
    * Plug and play
    * 3.5mm plug
    * Noise reduction for crystal clear voice
    * New way of using your mobiles in a fashion way.
    * Reduce 96% radiation emitting from mobile phone.
    * Good for family use and also office use
    * Fully compatiable with iPhone iPad iPod computer and other digital devices
    * Size:20cm(length)x3cm(width)

    Package Included:
    1* Phone handset


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