1. Stylish Bird's Nest Crystal Rhinestone Anti dust Plug of 3.5mm for iPhone 4G/4GS/iPad/HTC/Samsung etc.[15683]

    Price:  $1.38

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

    This product is Anti-Dust plug kit which is covered with shinning rhinestones. It is designed for iPhone 4G/4GS/iPad/HTC/Samsung as well as cell phone with port of 3.5mm. Those useful kits can protect all the data ports of your laptop against the dust and water. It's really a useful and practical kit for you.


    * Item: Anti-Dust Plug Kit
    * Round shape
    * Covered with shinning rhinestones
    * Suitable for all cell phone with 3.5mm earphone port
    * Excellent quality and reasonable price
    * Weight: 0.013kg
    * Good gift for lover
    * Wrapped with exquisite bird's nest
    * Color randomed (but mainly are the same)

    Package Includes:
    1*  plug




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