1. Novelty Funny Holga Lens & Filter Turret Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S-Red[36642]

    Price:  $4.68

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    Special Lens & Filter Turrt for iPhone 4/4S helps you creat fascinating photos with unique and magical effects. This roating device features 10 special effects for the result you desire. Simpley rotate the Holga 10 in 1 lens and filter turret and let it enhance your creativity and photo:taking experience.

    * Name of item:Holga Lens & Filter Turret Hard Case
    * Exclusively designed for iPhone 4/4S
    * Protect your phone from any angles and side against scratches bumps fingerprint and also protects your tablet in a stylish but practical manner
    * Easy to install and remove
    * Unique design allows easy access to all functions without having to remove the case
    * Keep your phone safe clean and scratch-free
    * 10 Lens(9 Holga Lens)
    * Dual Image Lens:Makes 2 identical images in one frame
    * Triple Image Lens : Makes 3 identical images in one frame
    * Quadruple Image Lens : Makes 4 identical images in one frame
    * Macro Lens : Get close-up on your subject for amazing detail
    * Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center : Red color filter with a clear heart:shaped center
    * Red Filter : For a rose-colored look
    * Green Filter : Give your photos a green tinge
    * Yellow Filter with Clear Center: A yellow color filter with a clear circle at the center
    * Blue Filter with Clear Center: A blue color filter with a clear circle at the center
    * Material:Plastic  

    Package included:
    1* Hard case


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