1. Solar Powered Car Window Cool Air Vent Auto Fan - Black[13359]

    Price:  $14.77

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This item is special for your beloved car. It is very convenient and practical. With it, even on the hottest days, the air in your parked car will be cooler and  fresher. It maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your car.

    * Blows hot air out of parked car
    * Perfectly for hot summer
    * Solar powered, need no battery
    * Fits any car window
    * Convenient use and quiet operation
    * Hangs on existing car window and must be in the direct path of sunlight to work properly
    * Fresh air is drawn in and hot stale air driven out
    * Even helps to eliminate pet and tobacco odors
    * Size: 14.8 x 11 x 4.5 cm
    * Color: Black
    * NOTE: It does not work in the car with tinted windows

    Package included:
    1 x Auto fan
    1 x Strap

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