1. NEW Digital 5 Digit Finger Ring Tally Counter[15002]

    Price:  $1.37

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is a 600DPI mini scanner, it support TF card and have high or low resolution for your choice, it support TF card up to 32GB memory, powered by two AA batteries


    Image sensor
    A4 color contact image sensor
    Number of sensor
    5136 dots(1 – 5104 dots available)
    Low resolution : 300x300DPI (default) high resolution: 600x600DPI
    Max scanning speed for A4 size document
    Color high resolution: 13 seconds
    Mono high resolution: 6.0 seconds
    Color low resolution: 3.0 seconds
    Mono low resolution: 2.0 seconds
    Capacity (based on 1GB microSD card, scan A4 size file, the quantity of scans varies depending on the content complexity)
    600dpi color: 220 photos(min)
    600dpi mono: 290 photos(min)
    300dpi color: 780 photos(min)
    300dpi mono: 1280 photos(min)
    Scan width
    Scan length
    300DPI: 50”(MAX), 600DPI: 25”(MAX)
    File format
    Scanning status display
    Auto power off
    3 mins
    USB port
    USB 2.0
    External memory
    microSD card, support up to 32GB memory
    Standard battery
    2xAA alkaline batteries
    Computer system minimum requirement
    Operating system
    Windows 7/vista/XP and mac OS 10.4 or above
    Pentium II or above
    USB port
    Package include:
    Mini scanner * 1
    Cloth bag * 1
    Manual * 2
    USB cable * 1
    CD driver * 1
    Clean cloth * 1
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