1. New Solar Powered Flip Flap Flower Cool Car Decoration Dancing Toys - Random Color[15081]

    Price:  $3.13

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    High Quality Solar Powered Flip Flap Flower Cool Car Decoration Dancing Toys. This Flip Flap Flower is really cool and cute. Powered by solar energy, it can swing automatically, and the leaves would move up and down just like a flying butterfly.

    * 100% Brand New, can be used worldwide
    * Battery-free, powered by solar energy / light
    * Leaves flap randomly, creating a cute flower personality
    * Can be securely connected to the included base pad or used standalone
    * Adds unique moods to home and workspace
    * An excellent tech gift for everyone
    * Color: Pink, Deep Green, Red, Blue (Random Delivery)
    * Weight: 60g

    * 1 x Solar Powered Flip Flap Flower

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