1. Digital Analog USB TV Stick for TV VCD/DVD Computer-White[19105]

    Price:  $18.17

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    We now present you the latest Pen size analog USB TV  Stick that turns your PC to a multimedia center, and it is your cost effective choice of your PC TV entertainment on both laptop and desktop computers. This USB TV Stick comes with mini sized remote control, enbale you to enjoy PC TV entertainment anywhere. 

    * Name of item:Analog TV Stick
    * New brand with quality
    * Color:White
    * Unique USB design, small and easy to carry
    * Embedded 10-bit video decoder to achieve stable picture and vivid color
    * Receive full-channel TV programs & favorite channel group and rename function
    * Full-system AV input jack, connect to DVD player, STB,Game player, etc.
    * Record video in MPEG 1/2, VCD or DVD format
    * Schedule record and still image capture
    * Easy-installed, powerful and user-friendly software
    * Full-function IR remote control & keyboard shortcuts supported
    * Size:8.8x2.8x1cm

    Package includes:
    1* Analog TV stick
    1* USB cable
    1* Remote control
    1* AV cable
    1* Cable
    1* Antenna
    1* CD

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