1. RC-501 Solar Energy Snake Mole Repeller with LED Light for Outdoor Garden Yard[19451]

    Price:  $15.89

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This item is a snake mole repeller which is solar powered. It is launched by ultrasonic vibration to influence the underground rodents acute hearing which can effectively prevent snakes. Ultrasound can deceive them and make them feel dangerous and leave the vibration area.


    * Easy and safe to use it. No poison and chemical
    * Keep rodents out of dog kennels, stables and your garden or yard. This item don't have any effect on animals or pets
    * Work by utilizing both sonic wave sound and vibration technology
    * A device powered by solar energy,making use of ultrasonic waves to repel harmful rodents (moles, voles, etc)
    * The ultrasonic waves will irritate snakes, simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area. Transmitting ultrasonic waves every 30 seconds
    * Solar powered. The LED will be turn on automatically at dark night or when the solar power is not enough. Otherwise, it will turn off automatically
    * Effective range: 650 square meters
    * Frequency: 400 Hz--1000Hz
    * Rechargeable battery: 1.2V/ 800mAh AA" Ni-Cd
    * Solar panel: 4.5V/45mA
    * Panel dimension: 7 x 9 cm
    * Product size: 34 x 14.2 cm
    * Package size: 31 x 15.8 cm
    * Color: As shown in the pictures

    Package included:
    1* Snake mole repeller


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