1. Portable 10400mAh Power Bank Mobile Battery Power Charger with Dual USB Ports - Green[19517]

    Price:  $26.95

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This power bank features with built-in high capacity rechargeable battery with dual USB output. With this portable power bank, you have no the worry of no electricity. It can be used for iPhone, iPad, PDA, MP3, MP4 player, PSP and other digital products for anytime anywhere.

    * High capacity 10400mAh
    * Noble and fashionable
    * Convenient for traveling
    * Output1: DC 5.1V/1A
    * Output2: DC 5V/2.1A
    * Input: DC 5V/1A
    * Size: 87x39x39mm
    * Unit net weight: 238g
    * Suitable for mobile phone, iphone, ipod, ipad, PSP, MP3, MP4 etc.

    Package included:
    1 x Power bank
    1 x USB charging cable (60cm length)
    1 x Chinese manual

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