1. 2 X Replacement Battery for GoPro 3 HD Hero Hero3 AHDBT-301 AHDBT-201[19579]

    Price:  $15.35

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This Li-ion battery pack is 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipments, guaranteed. No memory effect so you can charge battery at anytime. Built-in rechargeable battery protection circuits, which makes it highly safe.

    * Voltage?3.7V
    * Capacity?1050mAh
    * Power: 3.885W
    * Hot sales product, stable quality
    * Compatible Brand: For GoPro
    * Color: Black
    * Style: AHDBT-301 and AHDBT-201 shipped for random
    * Weight: 160g/2 pieces
    * Package Size: 70x40x45cm

    Package includes:
    2 x Battery

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