1. Component Video (YPbPr) to HDMI Converter LKV354[20640]

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    Share your HDMI sources with a single HD monitor. This 3×1 HDMI Switch allows you to switch between 3 HDMI sources (set top box, DVD players, video game stations, etc.) and your HD monitor easily. This switch passes both digital and audio signals through the HDMI ports! It is powered from HDMI cable and ensures high-quality signal transmission as well.

    - Input Video Signal: 0.5 -1.0 volts p-p
    - Input DDC Signal: 5 volts p-p (TTL)
    - Max Single Link Range: 1920 x 1080
    - HDMI Resolutions: 480I/576I/480p/576p/720p/1080I/1080P
    - DVI Resolutions: 480p/576I/576p/720p/1080I/1080p
    - XUVGA Up to: 1920× 1200
    - HD Audio format: LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, Dolby True HD/DTS-HD master Audio
    - HD Video Format: Deep Color
    - HDMI Version: HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.2
    - Bandwidth: Up to 225MHz
    - Power supply: DC 5V@1A
    - Max. Power: 1.0W
    - TMDS Voltage: 1Vp-p
    - Resistance: 75?
    - Max. Transmission length: 10 meters (powered from HDMI cable)
                                15 meters (powered from power supply)

    Package included:
    1* switch
    1* remote control
    1* manual

    NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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