1. H.264 1920*1080 HDMI 5.0Megapixel 120°Wide-angle Lens 20M Waterproof Action Camcorder-Black[21981]

    Price:  $84.00

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The full HD camera carried put by the Ambarella software, it is specially designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and professionals who want to capture every high action moment, on the waves or on the road. The camera capture full HD professional quality high definition v ideo and takes photos of 5MP. Extremely tough for all adventures?The full HD camera would be the best choice for you.

    * Name of item:Action camcorder
    * New brand with high quality
    * Color:Black
    * HD camera carried out by the Ambarella software
    * Capturing HD professional & high definition videos and takes high quality photos
    * Full HD and H.264 format
    * Full HD 1080P(1920X1080P) definition
    * 5.0Megapixel
    * 120°Wide-angle Lens
    * 20M waterproof and fashion appearance design of bullet
    * Be specially designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and professionals
    * The best choice for capturing important and action movement
    * Standard USB interface
    * Supporting TF card(not included)
    * Powered by 1800mAh 3.7V batatery(included)
    * Material:Hard shell
    * Size:10.3cm for whole length and 3.3cm for diameter
    * Weight:0.521kg

    Package included:
    1* Action camcorder
    1* Charge adapter
    1* USB cable
    1* Pouch
    1* Battery
    1* Bag of screws
    2* Stickers
    1* Strap
    1* Set of installation tools

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