1. H.264 HDMI 1920*1080P 5MP 1/2.5 Color CMOS Sensor 1.5?TFT LCD +90°/-90°Rotation Sport Helmet DV Camcorder-Black and orange[21986]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This item is sport Camcorder, which features H.264, HDMI 1920*1080P definition, 1/2.5 Color CMOS Sensor and +90°/-90°Rotation. Whether you are racing at the track, pedaling through the woods or gliding through fresh powder, you will get the utmost satisfaction from your digital video. It's the best choice for capturing important and action movement during your car driving.


    * Name of item:Sport DV
    * New brand with high quality
    * Color:Black and orange
    * 1/2.5 Color CMOS
    * Full HD H.264 format and 1080P(1920X1080P) recording definition
    * 1.5?TFT LCD display
    * LCD resolution:480x240
    * 5.0 Megapixels
    * +90°/-90°Rotation Lens
    * Picture and video playback available
    * Waterproof function(rain water level)
    * Built-in microphone and support circular record
    * Standard USB 2.0 interface for power charge and date transfer
    * Easy operation for recording and taking a picture
    * Supporting TF card extended, up to 32GB(not included)
    * 3.7V 1300mA removable and rechargeable Li-ion battery
    * Material:Hard shell
    * Size:11.7x5x2.3cm
    * Weight:0.591kg

    Package included:
    1* Sport DV
    1* Power charger
    1* USB cable
    1* HD cable
    2* Batteries
    1* Head strap
    1* Universal clip
    1* Helmet grip
    1* Goggle mount
    1* Handlebar grip
    1* User mnual

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