1. Double USB Port US UK AU EU Travel Power Adapter Plug Converter[29512]

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    With the all-in-1 universal travel adaptor, you can travel across the world with just one travel adaptor for all your charging needs. It has 4 types of popular AC power plug selectable: US, Europe, UK and AU (China, Australian) plugs for excellent conversion to enable the use of all your electronic devices.



    * 100% Brand New
    * All in one adapter design that enable you no need to carry multiple adapters during traveling around the world.
    *  Keeps your electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity
    * 3 Electrical power Plugs-they can be combined in combinations to suit different needs
    * 3 leg square plug for UK, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong
      2 leg flat plug for USA Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Australia
      2 round plug for Europe, Thailand
    * Covering EU(European), US, UK(British), AU(China, Australian)
    * Accept plug style: EU, US, UK, AU, Swiss, Italy, India(type D), Schuko
    * Compatible with worldwide standard
    * Child protection safety shutter
    * Electrical rating : 110V ~ 250V /   10-13A
    * This product does not convert voltage
    * DO NOT use with hair dryer

    Package Includes:

    1* Travel AC Power Plug Adapter


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