1. Microscope Portable Microscope Have Scale Microscope 100 X Microscope LED Microscope [29650]

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    This mini audio box can be deemed as perfect combination of function and shape. New mini aluminum vibration film loud speaker, which has clear alt and purse woof. The unique design makes tone  performance perfect. Mini audio box with new concept integral stereo portable mobile music, connecting your MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, iPod,  iPhone, GPS, PSP, mobile phone, notebook computer, etc.

    - Out put: RMS 6W(3W+3W) THD=10%
    - Frequency response: 150-18000Hz (±3dB)
    - Signal and noise ratio of power amplifier: ?80dB
    - Loud speaker 1.77 inches(external diameter 45mm) magnetic resistance 4 Ohms
    - Line in: configure 3.5mm stereo plugs
    - Power supply: 5V/1000mA AC power adapter, computer USB Power rotate connect line
    - Battery: rechargeable Li-ion battery, can be play music and charge when use USB power
    - Line in: audio importation
    - DC-5V: direct current 5V(0.4A-1A) power adapter
    - Micro SD: put TF card or Micro SD card into the hole

    Package included:
    1* mini speaker
    1* USB cable
    1* audio cable
    1* manual

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