1. Black 2GB Headphone MP3 Player[30532]

    Price:  $12.06

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    Blue 2GB USB MP3 Player with FM is good and helpful for language learning with A-B repeat function, FM. It is designed with built-in USB port for easily and conveniently storing and charging.

      Dimension: 69 * 21 * 17mm (L * W * H)

      Color: Blue

      Built-in 2GB Flash Memory

      Support MP3 and WMA Format

      7 Color Backlight

      Turn on Animated Image

      Built-in USBPort: Directly plug into your PC for MP3 or PC file transfer as any USB pen drive (unplug the cap)

      Replay Mode: Manual Replay, Auto Replay

      Repeat Mode: Repeat One, Repeat Folder, Repeat All, Random

      Multi-language Support: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish

      7 kinds of EQ setting modes: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Soft, DBB

      Data Password Protection

      A-B Repeat

      ID3 Support (Title Display, Lyrics Display)

      Built-in FM Radio Tuner (88-108MHz)

      Hold Function - Prevent pressing the key by accident

      Powered by: 1 x alkaline AAA battery (not included in the package)

      Compatibility: Supported Windows XP; Windows ME, Windows 2000 - No Driver needed (except Windows 98 and Windows 95)

      Able to create folder for file management

      Rubberize surface for easy handling

      Audio Connector: 3.5mm headphone jack

      Approved: CE / FCC

      After sales service: 1 year warranty

      Accessories: 1 * Headphone

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