1. PISEN 1100mAh Battery for Casio CNP40 Replacement[31115]

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    100% new and high quality Micro SD Transfer to SD Flash Memory Card Adapter. Makes it easy to transfer the micro sd to sd flash memory card.

    Get a replacement for your lost Micro SD Adapter.


    This Memory Card Transfer Adapter allows your Micro SD card to fit into normal SD slot devices.


    Transfer your data easily from your cell phone to the computer.


    Memory Card Adapter accommodates the micro SD memory card.


    Suggested Applications: Digital Music Players (MP3) / Digital Camcorders / Digital Camera / Cellular Phones / Smart Phones / Handheld Computer and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


    Easy to carry and use.


    Size: L32 x W24 x H2mm


    Weight: 1.7g


    Package content: 1 x Memory Card Adapter


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