1. 4.3 inch LCD 4GB MP5/MP4 Player + Camera Black[32907]

    Price:  $34.15

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    The product is a digital camera with 3.0” LCD screen and 4x digital zoom, it support SD card max up to 16GB, and the LCD monitor could be rotated 270 degree, it comes as fashionable appearance.


    Image Sensor: 5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor
    Max pixels: 16.0 Mega pixels (interpolation)
    Storage Media: Internal: Built-in 128MB Flash
    Storage slot: SD Card slot (up to SDHC 16GB)
    Focus Range: 20-21cm(Macro) 1.5m~inf(Normal)
    Lens: f3.2,f=2.1mm
    Waterproof: 3-m water resistant/Features Diving function
    Still Image: Image File Format: JPEG
    Image Resolution: 16m (interpolation)5.0m 3.0m
    Movie Clip: AVI
    Movie Resolution: 1080P(30fps) 720P(30fps) WVGA(60fps) QVGA(120fps)
    Frames: 30 fps/ 60 fps / 120 fps
    Zoom: 4X digital zoom Lens
    Display LCD Monitor: 3.0" TFT LCD, 270 degree rotation
    Strobe(Camera): Yes
    Interface: USB 2.0 high speed/AV/HDMI(1080P)
    OSD languages: English / French / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / German / Italian / Japanese / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Korean / Turkish / Dutch / Arabic
    Power Source: NP-40 3.7V/1250mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    Package include:
    1 * NP-40 3.7V/1250mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    1 * HDMI Cable
    1 * AV Cable
    1 * 100-240V Power Adapter
    1 * Software CD
    1 * Shoulder Strap
    1 * Carrying Pouch
    1 * English/Chinese user manual
    Packing size: 19.5x16x9.9cm


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