1. Flat Mini Tripod for Digital Camera Silver[33404]

    Price:  $3.18

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 November, 2014.

    This new stylish mini flexible tripod stand holder for digital camera. Just screw your digital camera onto the screw on the top. Then it can support your camera stably . give you a comfortable picture-taking environment. Moreover, it also can be used to support device like webcam, camcorder which has a univerasal screw

    100% Brand New
    Well deigned head makes it easy to suitable for for all cameras and digital cameras
    Modern design to form an exceptionally stable shooting platform that can be used anywhere
    Strong flexible legs allow easy positioning, even on uneven and rough surfaces
    Portable with light weight, bring it with your digital camera when go travel
    Mini travel TRIPOD for Sony Nikon Canon Digital Camera

    Size: (L) 15.5 x (W) 2.4 cm
    Extra adjustment to control the width of leg spread
    Package included
    1 x Mini Tripod for web cam and digital camera
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